Meet Our Team

Hi! I’m Dellon – Photographer

I wasn’t always a photographer, but always wanted my work to make people happy. So as my career of being an graphic artist started to slow by the time I was 25, I turned to another joy of mine. My passion for photography started after my friend gifted me my first DSLR camera, (a canon T-3i) as a friendship token
one year, and I immediately became excited about every little nuance in a professional photographer’s routine. Eventually, I began reading and looking at
any tutorial I could get my hands on, I was in photography love.

I did not want to use my name as my brand,(because “Dellon” is such a common name) so after carefully looking at the beauty in nature, life, the joy of those special moment in lives of my friends and family, that’s when the idea hit me and “El’s Image” was born.

With “El” being the Hebrew word for God, every smile, and expression of joy, laughter, happiness, togetherness, family, celebration of life and love is a reflection of God’s image in his creation.

Kiana Thomassian


Love working with people, and feels very grateful for life.
Hi, I’m Alana!

I’ve only recently gotten into photography and cinematography, however I’ve learned that I’m a quick and skillful learner. For about two years now I’ve done camera work at my church, slowly learning the ropes of Audio/Visual production. As I continue to learn, I’ve noticed that my interest and love for photography has done nothing but grow. As I continue in my journey, I hope to use my God-given talents to continue to bring forth work that’s considered nothing but beauty!

Alfris Edwards


Hi, I’m Alfris aka The Best Ever aka The Don!

I’ve been doing photography and cinematography officially for about two years now. I’ve had interest since I was about 11 but never really got into it until I joined the AV department at my church. As I continue in life, my goal is to perfect my craft and capture the best moments in life. Aside from photography and cinematography, I quite enjoy music. I’m a fun person to be around and enjoy a good laugh! GO CELTICS!!

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